Thursday, October 8, 2015


What Is The Real Currency of Prosperity?

"It's not faith in technology.  It's faith in people."
-Steve Jobs, Entrepreneur

Whether you think of prosperity in terms of financial well-being or some other valued condition, its foundation, its source of power, its very catalyst is "trust".

Consider any aspect of life and you discover prosperity flourishes where trust is high.  Personal and public relationships are strengthened as the threads of trust are woven into the fabric of marriages, families, friendships, business transactions, neighborhoods, communities and nations. All social interactions are benefited.  All resources including time, money, or effort produce more of the desired outcomes that add significant value to lives of people involved.  

Conversely, when trust is low or non-existent, prosperity withers; the meager outcomes are want and poverty.  All the relationships mentioned above unravel or are torn apart at the hands of doubt and fear. Resources are wasted and the lives of all concerned become an unseen prison that knows little else but an attitude of criticism and victimization.

Building mutual trust is a generative power.  When extended to others, they more often than not reciprocate by honoring that trust and in many instances extend it to others.  Each time it is extended, it creates trust waves that ripple throughout organizations, communities and society.  As a pebble dropped in water creates waves in a pond, each act of trust creates positive waves that ripple throughout organizations, whether they be families, businesses, governments, etc. creating a culture that empowers them to function more effectively, become more prosperous, and benefit people worldwide.  In his book The Speed of Trust, Stephen M. R. Covey, labels these trust waves as self-trust, relationship trust, organizational trust, market trust, and societal trust.

So what is trust?

Trust is the dynamic exercise of faith in people; their character, competence and potential.  It is the tipping point of progress and prosperity.  As trust is extended and honored, an unwritten social contract is established and fulfilled; in turn, it provides a platform for even greater extensions of trust and responsibility.  Again, it is a generative power that is grounded in our confidence in others.  In short, it is the catalyst and currency of prosperity worldwide.

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