VIRTUAL INTERNSHIPS:  The "Superhighway" To A Prosperous Career

For a growing number of individuals "virtual internships" are not only a path to promising employment, but fast becoming a "superhighway" to prosperous careers.

As organizations worldwide conduct more and more business on the web, opportunities to build rewarding, resilient careers online are rapidly becoming a mainstream option.  Whether you're pursuing more education, established in a career, or changing careers, why not consider how a virtual internship can optimize your prosperity?

Helping You

Your Prosperity is our priority!  Whether you're looking to earn more income, achieve greater work-life balance, access personalized learning experiences, or work on inspiring projects that tap your potential, passion and talents, we provide you with the "vehicle" to enhance your career in any industry and accomplish what's important to you!

Your Prosperity

We believe your career should optimize your prosperity in all areas of life.  In your mind's eye, what does that look like?  What's important to you?  Why?  What level of income do you need to fulfill your purposes and accomplish your goals and objectives?  What inspires you and fuels your bias to act? What meaningful contributions do you want to make?  What skills and experience do you want to acquire? Whatever it is, we're here to help you make it happen.

The Vehicle

Wherever you're going, you will arrive at your destination much faster if you use the right vehicle for the journey.  With that in mind, we've established The Strategic Partnering Program, a vehicle for busy people like yourself, who want to get the most from their time, money, and effort.  It provides you with three essentials to get you where you want to go quickly, efficiently and effectively; one, The Online Partnering Internship; two, Peer Coaching; and three, The Skill-Set.  It's flexible, so as your circumstances change you can adjust to the environment and stay focused on pursuing your purpose, goals and objectives.  In addition, we've made it extremely affordable.

The Internship

As an Online Partnering Intern (OPI) you are highly-paid, working an extremely flexible schedule, on inspiring projects that tap your potential, passion, and talents while complementing your purpose, goals, and objectives.  In addition, you can work anywhere Internet service is available.

Peer Coaching

Your purpose, goals and objectives are the heart of The Strategic Partnering Program. Peer Coaching focuses on helping you fulfill and accomplish them.  Whether you are coaching or being coached, simple questions guide the Peer Coaching process as they relate to your priorities.  It is timely, relevant, and keeps you focused, accountable, and productive.

The Skill-Set

As you learn, consistently apply, and master The Skill-Set you develop greater resilience to weather the ups and downs of today's and tomorrow's ever-changing economy.  You are always in high demand, always highly valued, and always highly compensated.  Regardless of economic/industry conditions you prosper by:  Building Mutual Trust, Developing Inspiring Leadership, and Cultivating Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Inspiring Projects

You are at your best when the work you do engages your potential, passion, and talents.  Inspiring Projects are the platform where you blend what's important to you (your purpose, goals, and objectives) with desired project outcomes.

Work/Life Balance

As mentioned above, your work should optimize your prosperity.  How, when, and where you work should complement your priorities in life.  You begin with your purpose, and the goals and objectives that will fulfill that purpose.  Clarifying your expectations saves you time, money, and effort.  With a clear focus on your desired outcomes you chart an effective course to their accomplishment  You accomplish more in 20 hours/week than what you previously would have accomplished in 40 or 60+ hours/week; work/life balance becomes a reality for you .

The Next Step...

If you or someone you know is ready for an extremely flexible schedule, high-paying work, contributing to inspiring projects that enhance your career and strengthen the economy, we definitely want to connect with you!

Email us today and discover how The Strategic Partnering Program can be custom-tailored to meet your needs and provide you greater career prosperity:

"Your Prosperity is Our Priority"

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